These are the most recommended best Neurosurgery books for medical students, residents and attendings by surveying many of the US residency program directors and faculty. This list is intended to be a first aid and to guide the medical students, neurosurgery residents and attendings to the books which they need to get to ace in there rotations and practice.

The list is divided into four categories. The first one is for the pocket books that you can carry at any level of education or practice. The second group is for medical students doing their neurosurgery rotations, for shelf exams and for those going for interviews, you will be asked which books you have on the shelf so be prepared. The third list is for the neurosurgery residents and attendings for their daily reading and reference. The fourth group is for the people preparing for the neurosurgery board exam.

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Pocket Books

Handbook of Neurosurgery

Spine Secrets Plus

Handbook of Spine Surgery

Neurosurgery Rounds: Questions and Answers

Anatomic Basis of Neurologic Diagnosis

Decision Making in Neurocritical Care

Tarascon Neurosurgery Pocketbook

Books for Medical Students for neurosurgery rotations

Kaye, Essential Neurosurgery

Principles of Neurological Surgery

When the Air Hits Your Brain: Tales from Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery Residency Interview Questions and Answers

Books for Neurosurgery Residents and Attendings

Schmidek and Sweet: Operative Neurosurgical Techniques

Youmans and Winn Neurological Surgery

Rhoton's Cranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches

Neuroradiology: The Requisites

Pediatric Neuroimaging

Diagnostic Cerebral Angiography

Pediatric Neurosurgery

Operative Techniques in Pediatric Neurosurgery

Handbook of Neurosurgery

Decision Making in Neurocritical Care

Books for Neurosurgery Board Exam Review

Comprehensive Neurosurgery Board Review

Intensive Neurosurgery Board Review: Neurological Surgery Q&A

Definitive Neurological Surgery Board Review